The War Against Our Schools

Nov. 22, 2021
The War Against Our Schools

The War Against Our Schools Directed by Mikey Cordero is a documentary project exploring the short and long term impact of school closings and privatization of education in Puerto Rico. 

With austerity measures gripping the island in the loom of not only an economic debt crisis but also the devastation of Hurricane Maria, public education institutions have been under attack by privatization and disaster capitalism. Our project utilizes nuanced storytelling to highlight the resistance of communities and micro-movements across the island. 

Teachers, parents, students, and activists share their voice on grassroots efforts to combat the closings and rescue school spaces through learned and new cooperative models fueled by the very communities under attack. In addition, voices of parents and teachers from New Orleans, New York, and Chicago, share their experiences and what communities should be aware of as the war against public education reaches the shores of Puerto Rico.

Tune in to watch on November 24th, at 8:30 PM on BX CULTURE channel 69 Optimum/2135 FiOS in the Bronx and online at!