Ranked Choice Voting

May 20, 2021
Ranked Choice Voting

This year, New York City began using “Ranked Choice Voting” in primary and special elections for local offices, such as Mayor, Public Advocate, Comptroller, Borough President, and City Council. 

Ranked Choice Voting means that Voters can rank up to five candidates in order of preference, instead of casting a vote for just one. There is still an option to vote for just one candidate if preferred! Ballots will look the same as always, except now there will be a check box with ranking numbers depending on how many candidates there are in a race. 

If a candidate gets over 50% of votes, they automatically win the race. If none of the candidates get more than 50% of votes on the first round, then the candidate with the least amount of votes, gets eliminated, and the votes get recounted again in a second round of counting.

Graphic provided by vote.nyc

The next opportunity for residents of the city to vote will be during the 2021, Primary Election on June 22nd, 2021, however, from June 12, to June 20, New Yorkers can participate in the early voting period.