Public Health America with Host Dr. William Latimer

June 22, 2021
Public Health America with Host Dr. William Latimer

Public Health America with host Dr. William Latimer is a new weekly program on BronxNet TV, in partnership with Mercy College!

Public Health America is a 30-minute discussion with national experts to promote health and social justice and to provide America with not only the best science but practical tips to live a healthier life.
The show will also celebrate what studies have long documented, namely the unparalleled value of a college education by setting the stage to pursue a career of your choice, access healthcare, and increase lifetime earnings and resulting opportunities, including the ability to engage in civil debate.
But for many people, finding a path to college is neither clear nor certain. What if you’re a high school student with supportive parents but feel daunted by the prospect of being the first in your family to attend college? What if you are a single mom or dad who wants to go to college but have no childcare?
In the second segment of Public Health America our expert will talk about decisions they made and support they received that helped them to beat the odds.
By sharing one or two life lessons their stories may provide you with the inspiration and method to realize your dreams. This is Public Health America.

The first episode of Public Health America is set to premiere on Tuesday, June 29th at 7:00 PM on BX OMNI Channels 67 Optimum/2133 FiOS and online at Following the premiere, the show will air subsequently every Tuesday at 7:00 PM with repeats on Wednesdays at 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM