Monday Night at the Movies: May 9th

May 6, 2022
Monday Night at the Movies: May 9th

This week on Monday Night at the Movies we feature eight short films featuring topics about ex lovers, paternity tests, Black Lives Matter and more. See the complete lineup below.

Tune in to watch on Monday, May 9th at 9:30 PM on BX OMNI channel 67 Optimum/ 2133 FiOS in the Bronx and online at

Humans of the Hood: Sunny Cheeba

Sunny Cheeba and Uptown Vinyl Supreme started a movement in the Bronx that all began with digging in the crates.

Eat Your Heart Out

In Wallace’s world, falling in love means giving your heart away. Literally. With her wedding only days away, Wallace must retrieve her heart from her ex Douglas, her first love. But that won't be so easy…

I Got This

A short film comedy about a young couple who scheme to get DNA samples from three men who could be the father of the daughter he has been helping to raise, believing she was his.


A humble hill in California’s wine country becomes the subject of one of the most seen images of all time: the default background of the Windows XP computer operating system.

Passing This Test: Music Video

The students of P.S. 369 in Mott Haven perform "Passing This Test" in this music video they created with the help of their teachers. Based on the music of Cardi B's popular song, "I Like it Like That," the lyrics were re-written to empower themselves for the state tests.

Back In My Day

"Back in my day" is a short romance film made for the third annual Bronx 48 Hour Film Challenge (Year 3 2021). This short film was made by the film team, "Heist Crew". Sarah sits next to a man named Dr. Pivot who claims he can see the future. When another young man named Peter asks the woman for a favor, Dr. Pivot informs them of their future together.

Dance for the Movement/Black Lives Matter: Part 1

Peaceful protest through dance to spread awareness, fight against systemic racism, injustice, and police killings of black people. Artistic director and choreographer: Theresa Lavington.

Cut Throat Motherhood

A Mafia Boss handles a back-stabbing employee but gets unexpectedly interrupted by her child.