Foodie Down Bronx: Chef Millie Peartree

Jan. 23, 2020
Foodie Down Bronx: Chef Millie Peartree

On this episode of Foodie Down Bronx, host Em sits down with Chef Millie Peartree, whose critically acclaimed restaurant MP Fish Fry & Soul Food was recently shut down due to a gas leak on the premises where her business resides.

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About Chef Millie Peartree

Inspired by her mother and her time growing up in the southern United States, Millie has had a knack for cooking ever since a young age. After college, Millie took responsibility of her four siblings (two of whom are autistic) as her mother unfortunately lost a four-year battle with cancer. Facing this new caregiving role earlier than expected, Millie realized that she needed to spend the majority of her time at home, comforting and cooking for her family with the classic familiar favorites of their childhood. She knew this was a way to comfort others and bring happiness to a tough situation. After receiving consistent praise for her cooking from her family and friends, Millie entered a local cooking competition and took home the top prize with her mini red velvet cupcakes. The rest, as they say, is history.

Millie is no stranger to the Hollywood scene either – her mini-cupcakes have been a huge hit at celebrity birthday parties for the likes of Justin Bieber, Steve Stoute, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Taraji Henson, Tyson Beckford, Whoopi Goldberg, Gayle King, Naomi Campbell, Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Dr. Oz. Millie even partnered with Mary J. Blige and Steve Stout’s non-profit organization, FAWN (The Foundation for the Advancement of Woman Now) and was recognized with their “Rising Phoenix” award, a grant that recognizes the achievements of rising entrepreneurs. 

Millie Peartree Catering was founded several years ago as an expansion of the “Millie Peartree Cupcakes & More” brand. Millie Peartree Catering is a full-service catering company capable of handling any type of event, gathering, or party. Millie’s years of experience and creative cooking abilities shine in every dish she produces. Just ask any of her clients, including Delta Airlines, Gizmodo, YouTube, MKG, Viacom, and Google. Millie Peartree Catering also prepares catered meals for the New York City Department of Education’s weekly College Preparatory program. 

In Spring of 2017 Millie opened “Millie Peartree’s Fish Fry & Soulfood” restaurant at 2558 Grand Concourse in the Bronx, which has been highly regarded as the best soul food restaurants in the area.

About MP Fish Fry 

Respected Chef and Business Owner Millie Peartree, who is known for her delicious meals from scratch, has been displaced from her business and forced to lose her staff after Con Edison found Stellar Property Management guilty of illegal gas plumbing and theft of services issues which could have been deadly for its tenants. Peartree has been serving the Fordham neighborhood for almost three years and is recognized as a New York Times critics pick and has earned a spot on The New York Times “Hungry City’s” 10 best restaurants list. 

On November 22, 2019 Con Ed was forced to shut off the gas at 2558 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York after a tenant called in a strong smell of gas. Investigators later found that Stellar Property Management had illegal gas plumbing in place. As a result of the improper gas plumbing, Chef Millie was left without access to gas to prepare her scratch meals in the restaurant and was forced to close just days before Thanksgiving leaving her employees without work and hundreds of faithful customers without their favorite restaurant to place daily orders.

Chef Millie is seeking help in receiving a response from Stellar Management to resolve the matter. She is looking to end her lease given the circumstances which are beyond her control and 100% caused by Stellar Management. Chef Millie recently poured over a hundred thousand dollars into remodeling, decorating and equipment for one of the New York Times favorite eateries. Without a working kitchen, Chef Millie has turned away multiple corporate holiday orders, and lost her staff. It is estimated to take at least eight months for Stellar Property Management to install new gas pipes to fix the errors and gain Con Ed’s approval to reinstate the gas line. For now, Chef Millie is looking for a resolution to relocate her business to a new location and rehire her dedicated staff.

“As a result of negligence my business was forced into closure due to theft of service and gas leaks, as well as dozens of tenants without gas during the holiday season. I had a thriving business that brought good food and opportunity to a community that’s been disenfranchised and this is just another example of all of the horrible things that seem to be allowed to happen to people in the Bronx.”
— Chef Millie Peartree