The BronxNet Free Form Binge: Check, New York Talk & Much More

Nov. 23, 2021
The BronxNet Free Form Binge: Check, New York Talk & Much More

On the Next episode of The BronxNet Free Form Binge we present films about a chess novice looking to pay off his college debt, leaving your homeland and best friend, thumb wars, a hellish afternoon and the exciting New York City. 

Tune in to watch on BX ARTS channels 68 Optimum/2134 FiOS in the Bronx and online at on the following dates and times:


A young man who is in college debt, so he decides to enter a chess tournament without knowing how to play chess, and try to win a scholarship so he can pay off his college debt.

Heading Nowhere

Ignacio must move from Puerto Rico to the continental US; this means leaving his best friends behind. 


After losing a playful "thumb war," our hero goes through a grueling training regimen to reclaim the title...and his manhood. 

A Niceternoon

Xavi has a great surprise he can't wait to share with his girlfriend Gina. But before delivering the awesome news he must endure the most hellish afternoon of his life.

New York Talk

This show highlights exciting landmarks and activity in the New York Metropolitan area. This half hour talk show features a studio host and 3 reporters who try and elaborate on the activities.