BronxNet Gets a New Channel Lineup

Feb. 1, 2021
BronxNet Gets a New Channel Lineup

BronxNet is rolling out a new, re-branded TV channel lineup, which includes NYXT.NYC, a citywide community channel. 

NYXT.NYC is presented in partnership with Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) and features high-quality, short-form video content from over 140 community-based organizations around New York City. The channel, launched by MNN in 2016, highlights the people and organizations that make New York City great, and will be available in HD in the Bronx on channels 952 Optimum / 2138 FiOS.

BronxNet’s original channels are also taking on new profiles, with name changes and an even greater slate of shows that bring social issues, current events, arts, education, youth content and more to Bronxites. The following are brief descriptions of our complete channel lineup and program offerings.

BX Omni on Channel 67 Optimum / 2133 FiOS

BronxNet’s signature channel and your community media resource, keeping you up-to-date on local issues, in touch with Bronx arts and culture, and face-to-face with the borough’s representatives.

BX Arts on Channel 68 Optimum / 2134 FiOS

Features performing arts and entertainment-based programming including dramas, documentaries, music, comedy and sports.

BX Culture on Channel 69 Optimum / 2135 FiOS

Includes multicultural and multilingual programs reflecting the rich diversity of the Bronx.

BX Inform on on Channel 70 Optimum / 2136 FiOS

Features a spectrum of programs including talk shows focused on news, information and education.

BX Inspire on Channel 951 Optimum / 2137 FiOS

Includes a variety of faith-based and inspirational programs serving the people of the Bronx.

NYXT on Channel 952 Optimum/ 2138 FIOS is a cable channel and digital platform that provides pathways for Bronxites to engage with organizations citywide that are making a positive impact within the community.

“With the re-branding of our existing channels and the addition of NYXT.NYC, residents of the 350,000-plus Bronx homes that access BronxNet via Optimum and FiOS, and the one million-plus viewers that watch BronxNet from anywhere in the world via the web will have expanded access to their program preferences and more opportunities to connect with their borough, city and world”
— BronxNet Executive Director, Michael Max Knobbe