Jun 29, 2020

MODERN ODYSSEY on the COVID 19 Pandemic with Dr. Afentouli & Prof. Myrianthefs

Modern Odyssey host Dr. Despina Afentouli interviews physician scientist Professor Pavlos Myrianthefs about the COVID 19 pandemic and controlling the spread. Professor Myrianthefs teaches at the Department of Nursing of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and is currently the chair and chief of both the Laboratory of Pulmonary and Critical Care and the Pulmonary Outpatient Clinic at the General Oncological Hospital of Kifissia "Oi Agioi Anargyroi”. He is also the coordinator of the infection section of the Hellenic Society of Critical Care. He specializes in Infections at Intensive Care Units, sepsis, and immune paralysis and is the writer of the “Sepsis and Immunoparalysis” Chapter of the fourth edition of the book, “Principles of Critical Care”, in the United States. Modern Odyssey features interviews with leaders, artists, and prime movers on issues that aim to inspire. The adventure of life, as Odysseus’ epic journey to Ithaca - a symbol of timeless values, and human stories worth telling. Host: Dr. Despina Afentouli Guest: Professor Pavlos Myrianthefs

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