Aug 29, 2018

OPEN Wednesdays 8/29/2018

On this week's Open, Host Daren Jaime shares the latest news in politics with Lee Bines. Next, Daren sits down with Andrew Hyman, Assistant Director and Evangeline Gelladola, Director Of The Procurement Technical Assistance Center At Sobro to discuss the 18th Annual Bronx Business Opportunities Expo. After, Daren talks to Bronx Commission Appointee James Vacca about how the NYC Charter Commission is preparing for five public hearings In September. Bronx Fashion Week executive producer Lora Montes, stops by to share details about this year's fashion week. Then, Daren meets Writer Qurrat Ann Kadwani to talk about "Intrusion," a solo play about domestic violence. Lastly, Daren talks to Alexia Núñez Bachmann, Consul For Community Affairs, General Consulate Of Mexico In New York And Gail Heidel, Director For Creative Arts About Casita María's upcoming workshop “Equipo" (Team), which focuses on empowering Bronx youth through art.

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