Jun 04, 2018

OPEN: May 30, 2018 with Daren Jaime

On this week's OPEN, host Daren Jaime gives us the latest news in politics. Next, Ana Melendez, Community Development Manager Of Nos Quedamos/ We Stay talks with Daren about Applying For Public Housing . Daren discusses how AIMHIGH empowers young women IN THE BRONX with Julia Baly, Principal Bronx Career College Preparatory, Sherman Browne, Chief Empowerment Officer of AIMHIGH Empowerment Institute and Maria Santos a student at AIMHIGH Empowerment Institute. Later, Jaime talks about The 2018 VCTC Flats Mile Run with Bobby Asher the Vice President Of Van Cortlandt Track Club.Then, Daren sits down with Michael Baez a Filmmaker from the Bronx about his latest feature “Butterfly in The Fire”. Finally, he meets with Edwin Reyes a Bronx Fashion Designer to discusses his new summer designs.

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