Jun 08, 2022

Montefiore Your Health Matters: Health Equity Panel

Montefiore Your Health Matters - A Health Equity Panel. 06/15/22. Montefiore Your Health Matters is a three-part series presented by Montefiore and BronxNet. The goal of this program is to transform health by establishing greater access and amplifying our already existing community-facing efforts in order to address the barriers to health equity and seek to enrich lives by promoting greater economic prosperity within our communities. The first part of this three-part series is a Health Equity Panel Discussion, moderated by Daren Jaime and Javier E. Gómez. This Panel is comprised of a group of health experts, Dr. Earle Chambers, Dr. 'Simbo Ige, Assemblymember Karines Reyes, and Dr. Kevin Fiori.



Health and Fitness