Sep 12, 2021

Bronx Live! Bronx Opera: The Impresario

Bronx Opera and BronxNet present BxO's 2021 video version of Mozart's comedy The Impresario. ka The Thieving Magpie. BxO took Mozart's original, set in the world of powdered wigs and sconces, into the 2020 realities of Zoom and working from home. The original music remains, keeping this hilarious clash of sopranos grounded in Mozart's gloriously character-filled music. Featuring Halley Gilbert and Hannah Spierman as duelling sopranos, Jack Anderson White as their common "benefactor", Ben Spierman as the Impresario and Blake Friedman as his assistant, BxO's Impresario brings the worlds of Opera, The Bronx, Jersey and Zoom together hilariously. 05/14/21.

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