BronxNet's Virtual Youth Internship

BronxNet is looking for dynamic, creative and enthusiastic youth to join BronxNet’s Virtual Youth Internship. This opportunity is made possible by a collaboration between The Ponce Foundation and BronxNet, supporting our continued commitment to providing hands-on media training to high school students interested in media, communications, film, acting, reporting, and production. A total of 10 high school students will be accepted to BronxNet’s Virtual Youth Internship; this is a paid opportunity for youth who are motivated, committed and have an interest in all things media!

Selected interns will:

Additionally, Interns will have the opportunity to produce a show on live television for our high school segment, Open 2.0! As part of this show, Interns will book guests, pitch ideas for segments, partake in a round table discussion, and host a segment. All of this will be done remotely; so, it is important that you have a computer, a smart phone and access to wifi. The BronxNet Virtual Internship will be led by Estefania Chavez, Open 2.0 Producer and Trainer.

To apply for this opportunity, you must be a U.S. citizen, a U.S. permanent resident, or have a work permit. You will also be required to complete a W-2 form. The 8-10 week program aims to begin August 24. Apply here.



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