You can produce your very own TV show and broadcast it to people all over the Bronx.
BronxNet offers certification workshops for Bronx residents age 18 and over. Certification workshops include studio production where participants learn to produce talk shows or other studio-based programs, or field production where participants learn to produce magazine, film-style or other location productions.
Once they obtain certification, participants have access to BronxNet studios and production equipment. Certified producers are able to use BronxNet resources to produce non-commercial shows on a one-time or ongoing basis, in any genre of their choice.
Intermediate and advanced workshops for active, certified producers and classes tailored to the needs of artists and filmmakers are also available.

Upcoming Certification Cycle

Thank you for your interest in our classes. We are currently developing new, exciting state-of-the-art opportunities for the community and will have more information available soon. Thank you for your patience and your partnership. We look forward to serving you in excellence!

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