BronxNet Invites You: Celebrate Community Media Day | #CommunityMediaDay

Thursday, October 20th is Community Media Day and BronxNet invites you to celebrate along with your fellow producers, supporters and community media access centers around the nation.

In recognition of the day, BronxNet features a special segment on Open BXRx Friday, with Host Rhina Valentin. Rhina interviews BronxNet Director of Community Affairs, Audrey Duncan, about BronxNet's history serving the community with local content, production training and resources for Bronx residents, and workforce development opportunities for students.

Community Media Day, started by Alease Annan of BRIC TV in Brooklyn, is an annual celebration of voices that bring awareness to the importance of free speech and accessible media for all individuals to have their voices heard. 

BronxNet thankfully celebrates all our independent producers, community partners, supporters, staff, interns and everyone who makes this great community service work possible.

Celebrate and Support with BronxNet

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