Dear BronxNet Family:

In our disrupted world, during these challenging times we continue to achieve important breakthroughs together at the vanguard of community media and educational access. Our teams have stepped up, designing new methodologies, working unconventional hours, and collaborating through crisis to provide vital news, updates, and public media education services to communities needing local information and assurances.

We’re providing critical services seven days a week, with team members in home TV studios, control rooms, and post production suites, as well as on the front lines.

We’re working with Bronx educators and administrators to broadcast educational programming on BronxNet TV for children at various grade levels, across a range of subjects to help bridge the digital divide.

Through our effective advocacy and smart broadcast design, BronxNet is now fully HD on Optimum on all 6 channels. As of Earth Day 2020, our channels are no longer misrepresented on Optimum, and the image quality is excellent on BronxNet channels 67 68, 69, 70, 951, and 952, all in full HD glory.

We've migrated our public media education workshops online making it possible to participate from the comfort and safety of home, while helping aspiring media-makers expand reach via BronxNet.

Small business, social services, the arts, and education have all been terribly disrupted, and BronxNet is forging partnerships to help our communities connect with critical services and identify resolutions.

We’re broadcasting the daily briefings from Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio live 7 days a week on BronxNet TV channel 67/33, and on our Facebook. Feel free to start a watch party from our FB Live streams of the briefings. They are regularly delivered at 9:30am and 11:30am each day, your friends will appreciate the share.

Another way we might help ourselves and our communities get through this, as Franchesca has suggested, is to create savvy relatable content to help inspire our viewers. Please feel free to produce short form videos that share life hacks in the age of social distancing. Phil posited discussing how we replace time previously used for commuting with other activities, or dealing with roommates / family / solitude 24/7. Rhina proposed how #BronxNetStrong spends our #NYPause time. They can be fun, serious, or express a dynamic range of feelings. Other approaches include providing fitness tips, sharing recipes or interactive culinary segments, showcasing art, expressing gratitude for folks on the front lines, and more. You can think of this as a PSA, or something narrative, or completely experimental. We’ll look to broadcast what you create on BronxNet TV, and post on our IG and other social media. Feel free to submit tracks to the playlist Carl started as well, I did!

We are all hoping for a better tomorrow, while taking purposeful action together to help our communities better navigate the now.

Keep Safe, Bronx Strong and Connected,

Michael Max Knobbe
Executive Director,